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Paus has developed a new generation of Explosives Chargers, or emulsion trucks. This new design combines transportation and charging into a single vehicle. 

This concept extends the charging capacity to a full drilling pattern.  A range of models differing in size and capacity are available, the most common being those in the Universa 50 series.

Universa 50 explosives vehicles can be equipped as a standard dual pot style vehicle or as a flat bag storage vehicle with a single smaller pot.  With two vessels, the ANFO storage capacity is up to 5,000 lbs*, accomplished using two identical 2,500 lbs* vessels or one 2,000 lbs* vessel paired with a second 3,000 lbs* vessel.  The bag storage style is equipped with an ANFO storage platform with an approximate capacity of 120 bags at 50 lbs (22kg) each and a 925 lbs* ANFO vessel.
* See conversion chart below for additional capacity metrics.

Universa ANFO loaders / ANFO chargers are available as either a purpose made ANFO truck or as part of an interchangeable cassette system.  Cassette style vehicles are remarkably versatile due to the fact that the vehicle can quickly and easily switch from the ANFO cassette to a wide variety of other cassettes including scissor lifting platforms, crane loading platforms, concrete mixing or spraying, fuel and lube systems, and many more!  A telescopic platform is available in the rear of the fixed style vehicle to cover the full drilling pattern.

  • Gallery sizes from 10' x 10' up to 43' x 50' (3m x 3m up to 13m x 15m)
  • Pot refilling methods: manual, pneumatic system, worm gear


For specifications and/or other optional features and configurations including a variety of cassettes, visit any of the following Universa model pages or follow the link to the Explosives Charger publications page (below the following chart) to download the sales brochures.


ANFO pot size conversion chart


  ANFO Truck Publications


Visit the Explosives Charger Publications page for sales brochures.



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