MRV-9000 | Mine Rescue Vehicle | Underground Rescue Vehicle





4,410 lbs

2,000 kg


rigid frame, coiled spring suspension front & rear

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Dräger Mine Rescue Vehicles combine Paus’s rugged, mine-duty chassis with Dräger’s expertise in refuge & rescue operations, breathing protection and gas monitoring to give customers an innovative, high quality, industry-specific vehicle for mine rescue.

The expertly designed chassis allows safe transport closer to the incident, while the airtight driver’s cabin and cassette keep mine rescue teams safe from harmful external gasses. This combination means rescue teams have more time on-site as breathing apparatuses need not be activated until exiting the vehicle.

  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive
  • Fully independent coil spring suspension
  • Shock absorbers
  • Oscillating axles
  • Enclosed, air-tight cab
  • LED lighting

Dräger's gas monitoring system reliably measures the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide inside of the vehicle and has the option to monitor concentrations in the ambient air as well.  Visual and audio signals warn occupants if air thresholds are exceeded or fall short.  The internal air purging system in both the cabin and the cassette are independent from the ambient air and an additional volume of 9.5 ftof on-board breathing air is available.

Additional features:
  • seating for 8 and a stretcher for transporting injured miner, lying flat
  • seat design permits breathing apparatuses to be worn when seated
  • rooftop escape hatch
  • trailer hitch
Available options:
  • communication between driver's cabin and cassette
  • thermal cameras to aid visibility in smokey/dusty conditions & in the detection of trapped miners 
  • air conditioning (front and/or rear)
  • fire suppression system
  • additional cabin stabilizers



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All underground rescue vehicles are built on the rugged chassis of Paus's MinCa 18.  Visit and subscribe to NPK's YouTube channel for videos of mine utility vehicles & personnel carriers in action to see how stable and durable this vehicle base is!  

Visit the Mining Rescue Vehicles Publications page for sales brochures.


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Operating Weight (base vehicle) 19,840 lbs 9,000 kg
Maximum Seating Capacity up to 8 seated, one additional lying in stretcher
Engine Performance Rating 121 hp 90 kW
Speed up to 20.5 mph up to 33 km/h
Gradeability 35%
Braking enclosed oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes, SAHR
Drive hydrostatic all-wheel drive
Tire Size 9.00 R20
Steering front wheel
Height 8' 8" 2,640 mm
Width 7' 3" 2,200 mm
Length 20' 2" 6,150 mm
Wheelbase 10' 8" 3,260 mm
Ground Clearance 10" 260 mm
Turning Radius (inside) 12' 2" 3,700 mm