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The Paus Mobile Rock Breaker Machine crushes large blocks of rock without the use of explosives.  

All Paus Rockbreaker Mining Equipment is fitted with a dozer blade to clear debris during operation.

  • Hammer can be used with different weight categories.
  • Extensive vertical and horizontal pivot range.
  • Equipped with a height-adjustable driver's platform for enhanced visibility.
  • 90° vertical hammer pivot range.
  • Hydrodynamic four-wheel drive.
  • Articulated chassis with stable frame construction.
  • Posi-stop brake.



  Mobile Rock Breaker Publications


Visit the Mobile Rock Breaker Publications page for sales brochures.  


Visit the Rockbreaker model page below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Hammer Size Vertical Reach (w/ hammer)
PGB 1700
PGB 1700 GH9 - 3,000 ft lbs 9' 8"