MinCa 5.1 PK | Personnel Transporter | Mantrip

MinCa 5.1 PK


MinCa 5.1 PK


2,600 lbs

1,200 kg

Seating Capacity


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Flat deck trailer for Paus MinCas

Service trailers are also available for extra pull behind storage space.  Both enclosed and flat-deck options are available and trailers can be equipped with various service equipment, tool storage, fold out work surfaces, cranes, on board electrical outlets, and additional work lights. 

For more details, see our service trailer brochure.


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Operating Weight (base vehicle) 9,300 lbs 4,200 kg
Chassis rigid frame, coiled spring suspension front & rear
Engine Performance Rating 100 hp 75 kW
Speed up to 18.5 mph up to 30 km/h
Gradeability 35%
Braking enclosed oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes, SAHR
Drive hydrostatic all-wheel drive
Tire Size 8.25 R15
Steering Four Wheel (optional) N/A
Steering Crab Steer (optional) N/A
Height 5' 9" 1,750 mm
Width 7' 9" 2,370 mm
Length 13' 5" 4,080 mm
Wheelbase 7' 6" 2,300 mm
Ground Clearance 7" 175 mm
Turning Radius (inside) 12' 2" 3,700 mm